Monday, November 02, 2015

earlier than early

If I have an appointment to make, I try to do it in the predawn hours, so that it doesn't impact my schedule with Snowdrop. As a result, we were up so incredibly early today that I almost felt as if I were about to take a trip on one of those obnoxiously early flights.

We didn't eat breakfast until after my appointments and that felt a bit strange, too.

farmette life-3.jpg

In all, an odd beginning to a gorgeously warm and sunny day.

And you know if it's Monday, this puts Snowdrop right at the farmhouse and that's truly wonderful as I've missed playing with her here.

Yes, she seems older! Every week propels her closer to a new stage of development and today, I let her show me what she has been up to when I was away.

farmette life-18.jpg

There was a mutual adoration moment to observe as well...

farmette life-25.jpg

And since the day just couldn't get any nicer, we went out for a bit so that Ed could eat his lunch, Scotch could eat her bread and Snowdrop could again display her utter love for all the living things here at the farmette.

farmette life-29.jpg

Willow play, too, remains a favorite..

farmette life-44.jpg

And though she isn't about to take steps just today, Snowdrop truly does look impressive  up on her two solid little feet (even as her face says -- I am not that confident yet!)

farmette life-56.jpg

Very impressive. And happy.

farmette life-3-2.jpg

As am I -- it's so good to be back!

I return Snowdrop to her home. I linger for a bit. It's lovely to see her side by side with her mom.

farmette life-6-2.jpg

I come back to the farmhouse after the sun has set, but then, we fell back this weekend and the sun sets at a very early hour.