Monday, July 07, 2008

stormy skies

Late on my last DC day, it rained. And I thought, how cool is that! All week-end, the weather did us the favor of holding steady until we were safely indoors.

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Sometimes, the skies are indeed very friendly.

Thank you, skies, for also pushing the storms away when my little plane landed in Madison today.

And can we strike a bargain? I wont complain about the threatening way you, stormy skies, took over my home town tonight, if only you stay away from me for the next five days or so. Okay?

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NOTE: After the terrifying climb up in the Canadian Rockies two years ago, I resisted all suggestions from Ed that “we should go camping again.” It seemed to me that anything that takes more than a day’s hike to get to, is not worth seeing, unless there is a b&b nearby. And yet…

BOTTOM LINE: We are heading north tomorrow. To Lake Huron and Les Cheneaux islands. Where we will kayak and yes, camp. (I am such a pushover.) Needless to say, Ocean will take a nap until we pull into places with Internet access. I expect that there will be a three day lull in there, somewhere. For a person who has posted 99.99% of the days since she started 4.5 years back, this is somewhat traumatic.

And, in addition to Ocean silence, I have other reasons to sweat. Bears. Gusty winds and stormy skies. Bad food (we bought packaged organic stuff, but it really is sketchy looking). No rose wine or baked goat cheese on a bed of greens. No espresso. No shower, no music, no outlet to recharge camera batteries, no Yogato tangy yogurt with mango and star fruit, no baguettes.

I can’t believe I’m doing this again.

To calm waters and blue skies and a quick return.

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