Thursday, July 21, 2011

looking for small pleasures

I said to Ed today – I think great chunks of my book are not turning out the way I want. The excitement just isn’t there.

I think I’m too much in a hurry. I have the summer and then I have teaching again and I know I will not find the time then to write. My head will be swimming with to-do lists and appointments and meetings and all the hoopla that accompanies full days on campus.

I admit, it’s been a challenging day. By the end of it, after at least a few pleasant minutes at the Fitchburg farmers market -- wonderful La Baguette bread, peas and pea pods at another stand, elsewhere -- cheese, as explained by a father to his son...

DSC08441 - Version 2

DSC08444 - Version 2

DSC08449 - Version 2

...and after some more pleasant minutes at the Oasis CafĂ©, Ed and I pedal home. There, he mumbles something about feeding the cat and disappeares into his shed for a good many hours. I felt badly for him – he did not bargain for the tougher times of traveling occasionally with a companion. It just sort of happened.

 DSC08439 - Version 2