Friday, February 13, 2015


If you guessed that today would include a photo of Ed, of a cheeper, and of little Snowdrop (in that order), you would be correct. My days (perhaps most people's days) are that predictable: the partner, the pet, the precious.

It is the kind of day that otherwise runs of its own accord. There isn't the sunshine to cast a new light on an old landscape. The air is frightfully cold and indeed, we're going to hit new lows for this year tomorrow. You can't convince me to go out. (Except for groceries and to visit Snowdrop. Warm seat,  smooth ride, beautiful music. Lily delivers!)

And so I leave you with my predictably awesome threesome, in their predictable order:

Ed at breakfast...


Butter -- the only hen brave enough to come out and greet me this morning...


And Snowdrop, whom I come across enthusiastically playing "open mouth" with her mom....


And who delights me as she naps with her tiger on her zebra belly!


...but mostly, she delights me with her vivacious, ever wonderful, sometimes dramatic, sometimes mellow face!

"listen, grandma, have I got a deal for you!"

"you want me to lift my head? I can lift my head"

All Fridays should be this predictable. And this wonderful.