Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Well, it was bound to happen. One day you're bouncing around moving earth, trees, plants and stones, the next -- you bend down to pick up one stinky weed and something in your hip snaps and you're out.

On the upside, I'd already done my glorious morning garden walk...

farmette life-2.jpg

(Snowdrop nirvana: beloved pink, with her backup favorite, purple)

farmette life-5.jpg


farmette life-10.jpg

I had the whole morning to do all sorts of stretches and beneficial twists, none of which helped, so I finally popped two Aleve and set out to pick up Snowdrop.

I warn the girl that I can do pretty much everything, so long as it's slow and contemplative.  Looking at beautiful peonies at her school fits the bill!

farmette life-12.jpg

As does sitting on the porch and watching her splash. We have another 90sF (about 33C) day, making this the hottest May on record (as measured by how many days we crossed 90F).

farmette life-31.jpg

Snowdrop also enjoys putting on a dance/story number. She has an audience and she informs us what role we might play in her fictional narrative.

farmette life-41.jpg

farmette life-48.jpg

We have an interesting interruption in our play. The construction crews have been digging a massive ditch to the east of the farmette land and I submitted an objection. The drop is dangerous. The removal of land is not reflected in any of the approved development plans. We asked for clarifications.

Today, all grading operations ceased. In a handful of minutes, a safety fence went up. The construction crew and the engineers representing the various interests are working out the details.

(Snowdrop is delighted by this adventure.)

farmette life-67.jpg

(She enjoys participating in the discussion between us and the head of the construction team.)

farmette life-69.jpg

Evening. Bubble time. It's been some day! Back's out, Snowdrop had her own share of bruises, the trucks rumbled, then fell silent.

farmette life-87.jpg

Whenever life throws you a tough hand, consider blowing off bubbles up up and away.

And afterwards, take in a whiff of that sweet sweet night air of May.