Tuesday, July 31, 2012

cheering for bees

Well now, this was a day to test all day in terms of how many errands I can do quickly, efficiently and with unexpected twists and turns along the way. Of the type when you go to your office and get sidetracked, so that you do little of what you were supposed to do but accomplish other things instead.

I was away from the farmette all day, but in the hours before I took off for downtown, I had my hands full with beetles that are congregating on the emergent rose blooms. No matter how many I shake off into a soapy solution, there are others. And more still. So I do this in the morning and I notice an uncomfortable truth: the mosquitoes that were absent last year? That have been thus far absent this year? They’re here. Not massively yet, but we know it’s only a question of days.

I hope so very much that they wont proliferate before the weekend – I have one, two, three days of mega events at the farmhouse this week-end – it would be nice if bugs were not included in the revelry.

So I chase beetles, I curse mosquitoes and I applaud and encourage the beneficials. The bees, for example. I always cheer for the bees.

DSC02076 - Version 2

At night, I have nothing good to offer for supper. Olympics, salad, eggs. 

 DSC02080 - Version 2

Ed falls asleep immediately after the eggs and salad.

DSC02082 - Version 2