Sunday, June 03, 2018


Spring came back today. You know, that lovely time of cool breezes and puffy clouds -- weather that I associate with Scotland summers? Here for a day!

The winds chased most of the bugs away to their hiding places. Such a magnificent reprieve! A morning walk in the garden...

farmette life-11.jpg

... quickly morphed into a six hour outdoor adventure of clearing peripheral beds, moving plants, hauling chips.

(All this, of course, after a porch breakfast.)

farmette life-5.jpg

In our walk across farmette lands, we took note of the wild prairie to the north of us (I want to tame it a bit, Ed is reluctant), the thriving grape vines (the Burgundian trim was so good for them!), the decently growing young orchard, and the very lackluster performance of the tomatoes.

(The young chicks followed us, but I think right about here, they got stuck in the tall grasses and turned back.)

farmette life-10.jpg

It's become obvious to me that the soil in the tomato bed is not good. The six bushes Ed had kept out of the bed are doing phenomenally well. But the ones we put into the field are just okay.

We till a  weedy spot closer to the sheep shed and throw down some chips.

farmette life-14.jpg

We transplant a half dozen tomato bushes to this newly formed bed, ensuring that the root ball is placed in a soil rich in compost. Let's hope this helps them regain some of that tomato oomph.

Otherwise, things are looking pretty good!

farmette life-18.jpg

I put down my shovels and gardening gloves and go inside to cook dinner for the young family.

Snowdrop is playful of course. She always wants to plunge into a high energy game (even though she comes here right after a soccer match), even as we're winding down for the evening. But, she has Ed: he never says no to her.
Want to play "family?"

farmette life-23.jpg

My daughter is only ten days away from her due date. Yes, I can tell: this babe is getting anxious to come out!

farmette life-26.jpg

Even though it's a cool evening, we eat on the porch. Snowdrop picks out everyone's sun dried tomatoes from the pasta dish. She just looooves sun dried tomatoes!

farmette life-27.jpg

Every last one goes into her mouth.

farmette life-31.jpg

Late evening. Still cool, dry, spring-like.

A quick sweep, a short stroll to the car and they're off.

farmette life-34.jpg

As I glance out the window, the clouds part and a corner of the big flower bed lights up with appreciation.

farmette life-35.jpg

Yes, I'm truly thankful as well: it is a beautiful time to be at the farmette. June, at her best.