Wednesday, April 05, 2017


I know Wisconsin's weather issues pale by comparison to other states' weather issues right now, but darn it, there were fat flakes of wet snow mixed in with dollops of wet rain today, so I speak from the perspective of a person who craves something just a little more springlike. We've been deprived too long!

farmette life-4.jpg

Snowdrop's school had outdoor recess anyway, since, as the teacher explained to me -- it's Wisconsin, they're used to it.

I agree with her and Snowdrop herself is unruffled by inclement weather. So much so, that when I tell her we would not be taking the stroller out, she protests with some vigor. No, there is absolutely no way in heaven that I am going to go for a walk in wet, nearly snowy wet weather. The thermometer says 42F -- or about 5C -- but I don't buy it. It feels cold. And did I mention fat flakes of something resembling snow?

It is not terribly hard to redirect the girl toward another adventure -- a trip to Trader Joe's. As you can see, she is easily pleased. (She goes shopping regularly with her mommy, but Trader Joe's is not part of their grocery line up, so going there with me is always a treat: it's the place with the cheapest flowers in town, plus yummy nuts for a little girl to snack on and good bubbly wine for gaga to stuff into the shopping cart for the evening. Win win.)

farmette life-9.jpg

But after we are done, she isn't ready to call it quits.
Can we go to another store, gaga?

No problem! We're right next to Wild Child -- a clothing store that has been around since my girls were tiny. I'm thinking it may be fun to poke in and look around.

Oh, Snowdrop thinks it's plenty fun! They have a horse to ride, for one thing.

farmette life-12.jpg

I really am in my "spend no money" mode right now, but the owner of the store remembers me from way back and, too, he seems so in need of business, handing me his online shopping information and reminding me that if I ever have any questions about any of the items, I can call their number and always speak to a human being -- a not so veiled reference to the bigger players out there selling apparel --  and so I cave and buy a dress with elephants all over it (Snowdrop chose it) -- which is the kind of stuff you're likely to find there. Personally, I preferred the one with bananas, but Snowdrop was absolutely certain that elephants trumped fruit.

We walk back to the car in the wet rain.

farmette life-13.jpg

And this amount of walking is just about perfect, in my view. You get wet without getting soaked.

farmette life-15.jpg

And you appreciate the warmth of the car and even more so, the warmth of the farmhouse when you get home. With a croissant waiting for the little one and a bowl of mango and berries and a stack of favorite books -- heaven!