Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the rush

A busy morning. Let me huff my way through it for you.

Up early. Finish lecture review. Market – that’s right, I need to go to the other other market (the Hilldale one, just 6 minutes walk from here). I promised my students treats. Cherry muffins maybe? Time to leave Ooops -- Amos, the shed builder, calls. It is a long conversation. Something about metal strips being cut to six feet instead of seven. Wait. The interior must not be less than six feet. Ed is more than six feet. Standing up straight has to be an option. Discussion ensues. Suddenly, time is tight

I rush to the market. I buy muffins. And corn for myself. And flowers. I forget to take pictures. I go back, take two photos of the places where I shopped. (No picture of cherry muffins. Sorry.)

002 copy
Purchase photo 1924

006 copy
Purchase photo 1923

If I pedal fast, I wont be late. I’ll be sweaty though; it’s damn hot outside. I pedal fast anyway.

The last stretch is a walk up Bascom Hill to the main Law School entrance. Dare I join these marketing students? They’re having some combination of bonding and competition exercise on the lawn.

014 copy
Purchase photo 1922

It involves running through sprinklers. I am so tempted to take my class and insist that we all run through sprinklers. But it doesn’t fit into my lecture on the interplay of customary law and general (imported) law in Zimbabwe and Burundi.

I go inside. With muffins. And lecture notes. For once, I do not hate air conditioning.