Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Apart from “destination” tags – which I swear I’ll make good use of when I’m old and cranky and no longer able to step outside the farmhouse door – I don’t use tags or labels on Ocean. But I’ve often thought I should make an exception – the “oh, Ed” tag. I’ll come back to this another time.

I met my daughter and her fiancée for dinner tonight, downtown, at my beloved Graze, where the burgers are distinct and the good wine flows cheaply. Here they are, the happy pair, arriving...


It’s hard not to talk only about the wedding – there are so many questions a mother may have for her future son-in-law. Wait, son-in-law? Whoa, does that sound heady! I’ve had daughters only at home for such a long time! You mean that’s about to change? Sons (in law)? Whoa.... !

I was full of advice this evening – consider this, what about that... and they indulged me, even as I soon learned that they had already confronted and dealt with all my trivial and not very original points. In other words – they were on top of it, thanks, mom.

I love my daughters so very much.

On the subject of mothers and daughters – after a long hiatus, for reasons that are too intense and complicated to explain here, I am heading out on Thursday to see my mom in Berkeley. About time! She’s one of those people who tells you that you shouldn’t waste money and time on visits, and you believe her (it’s far far easier to believe that you shouldn’t do something than that you should) and only after do you recoil and wonder -- could this have been right? Shouldn't you have ignored any such messages?

It rained tonight. Heavy slobbering sobering rain. I’m dressed for the cold and it is cold, except it is not below freezing cold, so I feel as if I should protect my clothing even as I am cold inside and out. Is this February? Or something altogether weird and different?

Most importantly, is it spring yet??