Tuesday, January 27, 2009

mixed images

In the morning, I wait at the bus stop and I think 1. It’s really cold... can we have a break? Just below freezing would be really nice for a while; 2. I am staring at the lot where the Westside Community Farmers Market sets up in better times.

002 copy

You may think that this is a depressing thought. But no. Think of it: in three months, the market will replace the snow pile. Not bad!

In my office now.

I look out and I notice a tent out on Bascom Hill.

007 copy

Oh! It’s taunting me! Na na, you just agreed to camp in the cold in Scotland! Look, look – does this look like fun?

Eh, it’s a coincidence. I know this tent is probably an ad for something.

I go out to look around. From every side it looks like – a tent. No ads.

008 copy

Do you suppose it’s a warning?

Ridiculous. I need a good night’s sleep.