Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Day

An early start. Must let pecan rolls rise before baking. Caramelize the carrots for the egg frittata. Gray skies outside, warm smells inside. I nudge Ed: we've cornered an opossum and a mouse -- both need to be set free... elsewhere.

Rolls come out of the oven, the first young couple, traveling from Chicago, arrives.

farmette life-2.jpg

Soon after -- Snowdrop and her parents are here. The little girl, excited to see her aunt, brings her gifts of all her favorite stuffies.

farmette life-5.jpg

We eat informally, taking this moment to just sit back.

farmette life-10.jpg

But afterwards, the day rolls forward at top speed. Lunch foods must be prepped first: squash soup with herbed goat cheese dumplings. Aprons on. You too, Snowdrop? Okay!

farmette life-16.jpg

"How can I help?"

farmette life-18.jpg

Shouldn't we give the chickens some Thanksgiving treats?

farmette life-20.jpg

Back inside. Mommy reads.

farmette life-24.jpg

What's that banging noise? Gaga is pounding, then rolling out the pie crust. Snowdrop helps.

farmette life-29.jpg

Hard work. Snowdrop takes a break.

farmette life-33.jpg

My daughter and I continue. She whips up the sage stuffing. Done!

farmette life-35.jpg

"Is it time for Thanksgiving dinner yet?"

farmette life-37.jpg

No no. Snowdrop. Lunch first!

farmette life-44.jpg

"Daddy, will you fix my slipper?"

farmette life-46.jpg

My younger daughter studies the dinner menu.
Ambitious! Do you have a schedule? -- she asks.
Sort of. In my head. More or less.
Let's get organized!
She creates a timeline.

farmette life-49.jpg

After that it's just a question of who does what, when. Slowly the dishes fall into place: spicy roasted carrots and roasted beets for pre-dinner munching.

farmette life-54.jpg

The turkey, of course. Herbed, then splayed, so that it cooks evenly. Mushroom gravy. Stuffing. Oh -- that's done already! Cheesy hassleback potato gratin. Pumpkin cornbread. Brussel sprouts with roasted hazelnuts. Corn with chipotles. But really, we must get those desserts out of the way. The pumpkin cheesecake with whisky pecan sauce is done. Let's finish the honey and thyme apple pie.

farmette life-52.jpg

"It feels like I've been chopping herbs for a very long time."

farmette life-55.jpg

Studying a family album...

farmette life-57.jpg

Working those potatoes...

farmette life-59.jpg

Two sisters standing over two pots.

 farmette life-68.jpg

The bird is ready!

farmette life-69.jpg

Thanksgiving dinner.

farmette life-76.jpg

A tired little girl (still fighting one bug or another).

farmette life-77.jpg

... Revives for pumpkin cheesecake.

farmette life-81.jpg

... And for a spirited game of "who can jump higher."

farmette life-83.jpg

A beautiful day. It comes, it ends, but the warm glow lasts forever.

I hope you had a very wonderful day as well. With love.