Thursday, October 25, 2007


I have this bright, but quiet photo for today:

001 copy

Greece, you think?

No, it’s Madison: just by the Law School. It’s the only photo I shot today and I offer it without comment on my day. Instead, I want to mention something else.

I went to law school when my oldest daughter was just three weeks old. Halfway through, my youngest one was born. It was tough alright.

But I did not have cancer.

And (to my knowledge) I still do not have cancer.

Kim, whom I met some three of four years ago, does have cancer. And a bunch of kids. And she’s going to law school. And she keeps up a blog that is so honest, so energetic, so well written, that it is one of a handful I check each and every day.

She has been nominated for a scholarship based on the quality of her blog. She is one of a bunch.

Go ahead, check her blog – it’s been on my side bar for years. Then vote for her. Not because she could use a financial boost (even though she could well use a financial boost). Vote for her because she is just a damn good blogger.

Click here to check out her blog and to follow the link to the voting page. And give her your thumbs up. She’s number seven on the list.

Cool. Thanks.