Monday, November 28, 2011

the Monday after

The Honey Wagon came to the farmhouse today. $500 later, my landlord sent him on his way.

That’s a lot of honey, no?

Don’t be misled. The “Honey Wagon” is merely a name for a company that comes to clear, inspect, possibly fix your septic tank. By the price of things you’ll know that our problem was thankfully small. Another blocked pipe – the one leading out to the drain field.

Right now we have the cleanest septic tank this side of the Mississippi. So much so that I almost don’t want to, well, pollute it.

In fact, I am delighted that there was a quick and ready solution. Ed and I talked about possible scenarios should it become necessary to reconstruct the entire farmette septic system. I spoke in favor of extended-stay motels. He mused about roughing it. I am delighted that we did not have to flip a coin on those two choices.

It was, otherwise, a long day. I’ll have a week of long days, as I want so much to be able to take a break starting late next week. Work madness followed by weeks of near-calm. It's a pattern for me. I've gotten to almost like it.

In the meantime, you’ll be amused to know that Ed is packing up our beautiful, wonderful, addictive big screen TV. He found a better deal on this Cyber Monday. I know he’s hoping, too, for a set with a better tuner. Right now, antenna notwithstanding, every time someone walks in front of it, the picture freezes for a second. Ed tells me, not incorrectly – we’ll have this set for twenty years. How long before you, too, get irritated by it? So, the saga of the set continues.

But as I return to the farmhouse late, to that faint golden glow of the outdoor lamp, a half cloaked moon, an almost dark sky, I think these days are, well, quite heavenly.