Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

At this time of the year I only have to raise my head a little and look over to the east to see if the sun is rising yet. It’s moved to that corner of the house where the upstairs window is. Oh, it’s going to be a nice sunrise!


Happy Christmas Eve Day!

In an almost Gift of the Magi moment, there is a knock on the door. Oh dear, I’m about to leave the farmhouse. I’m in a hurry. I have to go to Fed Ex headquarters to claim a gift that was delivered in my absence. It’s not for me. It’s one daughter’s to the other. They need it for Eve. I open the door almost reluctantly. A person with a package is smiling at me. Hi, I have something for you. It's Fed Ex.
But, you don’t deliver on Saturdays! 
We’re making an exception today. We figure these may be important presents people may want for Christmas.

One more minute and I would have been gone, chasing something (and therefore missing it) that in all earnestness was being delivered.

You get older, your circumstances change, traditions have to be adjusted. But here’s one that remains in place for us this year. The drive for breakfast at Hubbard Diner. Where they have great cakes and pies.


We’re not here for the pies though. Daughters and sundry others arrive. Not Ed. Ed’s better off at home on days like this. One has to adjust to what people can and cannot do.

Ah, here comes my younger girl.


The older one’s here too, with her guy.


We eat, we grocery shop for the last minute Eve details.

It’s funny how quickly evening comes on this day. One minute you’re shopping, planning, wrapping and then – no more. Now it’s time to unwrap and eat. The top, wound up, is let loose, spinning toward the splendid hours of family, of friends and lovers, of feasting and favors.


By the time I write tomorrow, your Christmas Day (if you celebrate Christmas) will be over and done with. So let me say it now: thank you all for being such kind, good Ocean friends and have a beautiful Christmas. With love.