Monday, July 06, 2009

stuff to do

Ed has “stuff to do” in Lake Mills today. If you’re not a Wisconsin reader, then you probably don’t know Lake Mills: about 20 miles east of Madison, it’s a sweet little Victorian town (or at least parts of it can be called that), clustered expansively around a small but quite beautiful lake.

I have “stuff to do” as well, but my stuff is highly transportable. You want to bike over with me? – he asks. Oh, so much…

That’s how I find myself doing “stuff” (for me – reading cases) on a bench on the village green of Lake Mills, as Ed does his “stuff” (playing tennis with his buddies) a small distance away.

Let me put in a plug for the Glacial Drumlin State Trail from Madison (or, more accurately, from its eastern out post – Cottage Grove) to Lake Mills (and beyond), especially for those who love bucolic scenery, a flat ride, and limestone pebbles under their tires.



I have to say, with a beautiful, mostly sunny sky, it is a heavenly spin. The reward is, in part, in the destination. The lake is the real spirit here– choppy and wavy today due to the wind, but serene nonetheless.



I had wanted to take my “stuff” to a café, but nothing resembling a café is open and so I pick a bench on the green facing this important storefront.


Every once in a while, I look up to do some significant people watching. My Styrofoam cup of bad coffee from an eatery on Main Street is perhaps not a highlight, but everything else is so supremely pleasant that I do not mind.


Toward evening, the men finish their game and Ed and I bike home.

You could not have a better day of summer stuff.