Saturday, July 06, 2019

soaky Saturday

... because what we really need more of is rain.

A rush to feed the cats before the heavy downpour. But never am I so rushed that I would miss a pretty bloom, for example this iris right by the walkway to the farmhouse door.

farmette life-3.jpg

And the astilbes on the other side of the path...

farmette life-4.jpg

The rains pass and we linger over breakfast on the porch...

farmette life-12.jpg

And just as I get up to head out for the farmers market, I hear the ping of a text from my daughter -- it's about to rain again, she tells me.

No market for us. Poor farmers, soaked out in the fields, rained out during the peak selling time.

Snowdrop is disappointed and so her mom offers to bring her to the farmhouse for a special play date. She hasn't been here for several weeks -- there's a freshness to everything that she plays with here. She's excited and I am very happy to see the smile on her face and bounce in her step once more.

farmette life-29.jpg

Happiness is a catchy thing...

farmette life-35.jpg

We play hard. I don't think it rained again, but no matter -- we had plenty to keep us busy indoors.

In the evening, Ed and I take a walk by Lake Waubesa. It's a good place to stroll -- the bugs are never intense and you can speculate to yourself what it would be like to live along the water's edge. Well, possibly not so good this year: there must be any number of flooded basements.

Back at the farmette, the evening light is gentle...

farmette life-39.jpg

Sort of like the rest of the day: sweet and mellow.