Monday, April 01, 2013

leaving Paris

It's Easter Monday in France. Meaning -- a holiday. So it is very quiet when I leave the hotel...

DSC01445 - Version 2

... early in the morning. But here's a sign of the good season (because isn't spring the good season?): the Luxembourg Gardens are open! In winter, when I catch this same early flight to Detroit, it's dark outside and the park is closed. Today I can detour through it on my way to the airport-bound train.

It really is smile inducing. So empty now, fresh, ready for the time when couples, children, etc etc come in. The sun is about to crack the horizon -- there's a touch of orange in the air.

DSC01461 - Version 2

(Here's the smile. It's genuine.)

DSC01456 - Version 2

So I leave Paris. It'll be a sunny day here. Brooding weather has moved on. At home, it's still unseasonably cold, but there too, I am flying into a promise of a change for the better.

The plane is coming in for a landing in Madison. The flights from the east often make a wide turn not too far from the farmhouse. Sure enough, I see it just outside my window (the farmette is in the lower left quarter of the photo).

DSC01464 - Version 2

Ed is at the airport, waiting. Yep, it is so good to be home.