Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Everything is interrelated. For example, what happened on Wall Street affected the way students pay for their college tuition and this completely shaped my afternoon (I hear appeals of nonresident determinations at my university). Earlier, I chatted with a doctoral student from Poland who gave me an update on the effect of the economic downturn (what a gentle understatement!) on our home country. My soon to be purchased laptop (Toshiba: the brand you buy when money counts) may have components from Poland. I’m wondering if one of my Polish nephews will stay in England (where he now works) or whether he’ll join the returning cadre of Polish workers from Britain, now that the economic climate is more hospitable in the poorer home country. And whether this, in turn, will affect my sister’s long term plans (she is now in Sweden). And therefore my own. (Where should I look for any of them during the year ahead?)

Anyway, I cannot even begin to tell you how it became very clear to me today that everything is interrelated.

Photo? Well, not much. I went down the hill for an espresso and I saw our red gym (now a campus information center) against a blue sky, with a student in a red UW cap passing in front. So I snapped.

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