Thursday, March 14, 2013


Well it's Thursday. You can never expect much from this day here. So let me spin you through a couple of photos and let's call it a day, okay?

Early breakfast in the sun room:

DSC01213 - Version 2

This, after Isis yet again rearranged his stomach on the bed moments before sunrise. Isis! Get off the bed if you're going to clean your internal digestive system! (Add to list for today: laundry)

After breakfast we have a half hour's worth of intense negotiations over summer travels. Pakistani Airlines (the airline offering the cheapest fares to Europe) has, according to a number of websites, a terrible safety record. Ed rightfully points out that even if their record is ten times worse than the next bad one, the chance of a fatal accident are incredibly small.

But I remind Ed that anxiety doesn't always track reality and I do not want to begin nor end our big vacation with anxiety packed tightly into my backpack.

We end this back and forth abruptly as I have an early morning class to teach. And then another. And there are office hours and meetings with important people at the Law School and before you know it, the daylight hours are fading.

My routine is that on Thursday after work I pick up groceries for the week. Today I am so buried in office tasks that I almost put shopping off and suggest that we make do with pizza. And then I reconsider. To get this done - work, the shopping, the cooking -- all of it, will give me a sense of relief. So I persevere.

Two grocery stores later, I'm driving home. I take the pretty route. It's still cold, but the sun is out momentarily. And yes, I know the whole next week is slated to be cold, but I'm no longer upset by this. I am now on a roll toward spring and in any event, spring break begins soon and by the time that's over, we'll be in April.

DSC01216 - Version 2

At home, I start the laundry, unload groceries, stir-fry a dinner and clean up. Dinner isn't special, but it's fresh and honest, with left over chicken pieces for the cat.

DSC01218 - Version 2

And then, too, I picked up a $5 bunch of flowers for the week. Uplifting to the core.

DSC01217 - Version 2

So we watch our crazy stack of library movies and we come back to our talk of summer travels and eventually, hours later, I exhale enough to sit down and write a post. There you have it. Thursday. I say this with a smile. Because the day is almost over and predictably, I survived.