Monday, October 13, 2014

not on speaking terms

Have you ever had this happen to you? A friend stops being your friend and you cannot figure out why?  It's a rare event, but it happens. (It's different than a friend who stops speaking to you for known reasons. That's painful, but at least you understand the thought process behind it.)

(just before the rain)

I can't help but think that the rooster and I are in this kind of quagmire: I do not get his sudden (and not very consistent) distrust and anger toward me, at the same time that I am sure he'll never understand why we are about to give up on him. After four good days, he had a retreat today and honestly, it was the most puzzling one of all, because I was feeding the girls...


...and I noted him hobbling slowly toward us, so I fed him his own special handful...


...and just as I was going to leave them all to their treat, he chased after me and lunged.

Even Ed is beginning to lose hope with our training plan. It seems to have had no lasting effect.

To add to the drippiness of the day -- the weather finally broke. And I mean really broke. Like a tear in the sky that let out a pent up stampede of rain. Oh, did it rain! (And it will continue to do so for the next few days.)

On the upside, there was breakfast. In the kitchen.


And then I worked on my holiday cards. (I'm not that compulsive -- it's because a good sale at my favorite card printer ends today.) If you consider yourself to be a friend and have never received a season's greeting from me, it's because I don't have your address! Email it over! My father once told me that if there was one custom in the world he would get rid of, it would be that of sending cards. I didn't agree with him then (fifty years ago) and I don't agree now, in this day of e-cards and cyber-everything.  (Even though my Polish friends commented last year that getting that card from me in the mail was so... retro.)

And after the card making effort, I went to the library. For a stack of books you would love to be reading on a wet, gray day.

At the moment, I'm forgetting roosters and raindrops and I am losing myself in the most delicious reading.

Such a dreamy, misty, wonderful day!