Saturday, February 22, 2014

what route to take

A surprisingly busy day keeps me away from many of the usual routines. Sure, there was breakfast.

farmette winter-7.jpg

...but after, things got rather fast paced. Most of the day is spent working with friends on a trip they'll be taking to Europe later this year. (These are well traveled people, but no matter what your starting point is -- selecting a good itinerary can be a challenge.) In doing this, I thought, of course, a lot about trips I myself would still like to take (there are many). Where to? How often? With what goals for myself? For Ocean?

It's safe to say that a day does not pass when I am not in some way spinning itineraries in my head.

It is a sunny day, but the ice outside makes walking or skiing a low priority and so working over a (standing!) desk feels right. And before I know it, it's dusk and the day is nearly behind me.

I look outside and I see the deer gathering in front of the farmhouse. Whereas a few days ago there were five, tonight there are a dozen. A herd -- Ed says.


farmette winter-16.jpg

I know if I step outside I will spook them. And so I stay in and I look at them and they look at me...

farmette winter-19.jpg

Their flight is so unpredictable!

Or is it? When I finally reveal my presence, they scamper off in familiar directions. Along a path well traveled.

Isis comes down, complaining that he hasn't eaten anything good for the past hour and a half! Sorry, Isis. No more distractions. I'm back in the real world now. Come have you portion of kittie chicken supreme.

I turn on the TV and for one last night I watch the Olympic games.