Wednesday, July 14, 2010

messing with forever

Nothing’s forever, right? Even if forever merely means only throughout your life. You land the job, have the wedding, buy your house, and then the job goes, the marriage goes and the house is just a sad reminder of all that is no more. So it goes too.

Here’s the upside, if you’re predisposed to look for upsides (I am): if nothing’s forever, then even when things are just fine, might you consider shaking things up some? Reconfigure your work, go to someone else’s wedding and maybe buy a house? A little one? Like a shed, only with water and a kitchen stove? Doesn’t that sound sort of cool?

I’ve been working too hard again. I took a walk along State Street after class to clear my head and to look for color. You can always find color here, even if, these days, color is muted by the everpresence of people texting. The entire month of June, I saw not a single "texter." Today, on State Street, it seemed that the entire (colorful) world was locked into punching out odd messages with their thumbs to those elsewhere.


On the upside, I suppose it’s a good workout for the thumbs.