Friday, December 31, 2010


After a while, I suppose you don’t even notice that it’s New Year’s Eve. Lord, the permutations I have known for this day! From parties in my youth, to the more sedate but in their own way exciting dinner parties in my young adulthood, to trips away and dinners out... all that wonderful stuff.

And tonight? Our concession to this foggy Eve is that we go to Trader Joe’s and pick out an inexpensive sparkling wine. Oh, and I coax Ed into buying flowers for the table. It’s a gorgeous bunch, even if it is only $6.99.



I will eventually reheat the soup I made last night – one of those throw vegetables in a pot kind of soups that we eat on the couch out of huge mugs. Ed is nursing his sore ankle and threatening to play volley ball again soon, even though his foot is the size of a watermelon right now. Men and athletic injuries – there’s a frustrating combination!

And so there you have it – three big party days in a row for Wisconsinites (New Year’s, the Rose Bowl tomorrow, and some Packer game or other on Sunday) and I remain quite neutral to it all.

DSC05155 - Version 2

And I cannot say that this makes me very sad.