Friday, June 04, 2010

change of pace

Well, I have two announcements:

First, I bought my espresso at a café that is actually reasonably close to me, even as it is so off the café path, that I never go there. I look around and I think -- wow, it's refreshingly colorful.



...which I appreciate. Barrique’s on Monroe Street, by contrast, is almost, in tones, lost somewhere in pre-World War II Vienna.

Second announcement: I am done with the work for the Spring Semester. True, I have a nice stack of work to attend to for the Summer Semester, but it can be spread evenly over a handful of days. In any case, the rush, for now is over.

I did suggest to Ed that we celebrate. And even my occasional traveling companion hadn't the heart to say "every day is the end of a busiest semester ever day," and so we went to the place which tends to capture most of our (annual?) celebratory meals -- Tutto Pasta.


I was a bit mortified. Ed was in his grungiest of torn work shorts and even his t-shirt managed to develop a huge rip at the side, but I do have to admit that the decision to go out was a sudden one, or I would have coaxed him to dress up into a rip-free garment. He does have some of those, even as they tend to be forever "buried somewhere," or so he tells me.

So, I'm done. And well caffeinated and well fed. And that's a good thing.