Thursday, February 05, 2009

your days

Nearing now the end of the week. Almost there. Almost. And now, here we are. Friday. Idle time? No no. For me, this is the time that's dangerously loaded with possibilities. Hours to fill by me. And eventually, at the end of the week-end, I’ll have to face up to my own judgment of it: did I apply myself? Did I use the time well? No? Darn it.

Free time is serious stuff.

If I explained all this to Ed, I’m sure he would not immediately grasp what I was getting at. You judge one day over another? What for?

Tonight, I coax him to watch Atonement with me. Not because I think he’ll like it (I’m guessing he wont) (I am right: he doesn’t), but because I think it's sort of humbling: the story is so full of pathos that it makes you rather grateful for your lot, however messed it may be. And, if you remember the plot, you’ll remember that it is about a love and life that could not be. Ed! Look how quickly it can all be taken from you! (Indeed! Such a Polish way of looking at things!)

Ed shrugs. To feel sad because you’re watching a fictionalized account of a life gone haywire – that is somewhere between ridiculous and funny.

The end of the week. The movie is done with and the week-end is almost here. Days with time. Days not ruined by bitter cold (nor, typically, by apocalyptic events). Days that you may construct as you see fit.

Ah, life... It's so much easier if you can just bitch about work and weather.

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