Monday, February 16, 2015


It seems that half of America is celebrating the Presidents today, while another half is not. Half would call it a work day (for example Snowdrop's dad) while half would not (for example visiting California friend). I'm in favor of holidays. I wish this would be a holiday for all.

We are up early. I have foods to put out and a frittata to bake (cauliflower and bacon this time) for a rather early brunch for my daughter's visiting friends -- one of them has a flight to catch. Let's hope she makes it alright. Traveling to the east coast is no easy matter this winter. Here's the friend, having a nice hug and snuggle with Snowdrop.


Foods are ready, guests are hungry.


Snowdrop had arrived in a wonderful mood...


... but there is enough of a buzz in the air that she quickly lets us know that things are a tad stressful for her sensibilities.


No matter. Her grandma is happy to hold and sooth the littlest one for a good hour or two. Snowdrop relaxes.


And she plays "Simon says" with her mousie friend...


Oh, Snowdrop!


The guests leave. Just a wee bit of cake is left...


Afternoon. Ed and I go to the movies. The American Sniper. That's one tough movie to watch, for so many reasons.

At home, we eat take-out Thai food and talk about inconsequential things. Being in the farmhouse calms the soul and restores the spirit. I take out plant catalogs and study them very carefully in anticipation of spring.