Saturday, November 30, 2013

dawn to dusk

At this time of the year, it's easy to catch the first glimpse of the rising sun from our east facing windows upstairs. If there are wispy clouds hovering at the horizon, the range of soft colors can be lovely.

DSC02077 - Version 2


A little work, a quick tidying effort, grocery shopping. Ridiculously picking up a handful of leaves off the porch roof, leading Ed to ask -- do you enjoy going up there? ...And me to answer -- I guess I sort of do...

A short while spent on the exam, an even shorter while on the lectures for this week.

A very long time on syncing iTunes music and creating my first ever playlist. I just never bothered before.

Breakfast -- a little different today because Ed has a craving for scrambled eggs.



Outside, it's warm, compared to what we had the past week. Surely in the mid thirties (I know -- how much my expectations have fallen!). Yet, when we drive by the lesser lake, we see the first batch of ice fishers.


I cannot imagine the ice being firm yet, but here they are! Ed wonders if maybe the water there isn't too deep. A pause, then home again.

I have soups and chilis to make in the next few days. I'll be leaving on Thursday and if I put into the fridge good soups and meals, Ed will feel compelled to finish them off. If not, he'll buy Subway sandwiches. His Thanksgiving meal was a leftover Subway.

I look up and notice that the sun is setting. Our west facing windows show it off well.


Take a deep breath, hold it and the next thing you know the day is done.