Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday digging

Then came Friday. Most often, that’s a good thing. Ducks, loons, people... Everyone loves Friday. TGI Friday!


But I had this work issue to address today (it’s always the same one: how much teaching and at what pay  – and this remains perplexing to everyone, since I am uniquely outside the box of normal academic trajectories...), and so it was at once an anxiety ridden day and a busy work day and frankly – a somewhat cold day. The stubborn wind gusts did not help.


After my various meetings with people in positions of authority, I was done. For the week. And although it was rather late in the afternoon, I ever so happily pedaled over to Ed’s farmette. We worked from past 4 to beyond 7 (yes, it became quite dark) digging and planting 100 narcissus bulbs and 50 daylillies, interspersed, so that next spring, I will have, I hope, a riot of unpredictable and variegated bloom just outside the farmhouse. In front of this old crumbling place.


It is a dated and neglected structure. But so what. I’m able (my shoulder issues notwithstanding). Ed’s able (when he feels like being able). We’ll get it right. It will be a splendid farmette – with 100 daffodils and 50 daylillies blooming their heads off.

(Tomorrow we tackle the crocuses and the Siberian iris.)