Sunday, March 04, 2018


Ed asks this morning -- what do you need to do today?
I look outside. It's sunny. It's pretty warm for March. Darn! I cannot stay glued to my computer work. I must spend time outdoors. Oh, the tyranny of fine weather days!

First, though, breakfast, with plenty of daffodils on the table, even if we are a good few weeks away from viewing them outside in the garden...

farmette life-4.jpg

In the afternoon, Ed and I go to Farm and Fleet. He needs a tube for the tractor mower. He needs shoes. We need chicken food.

We spend  f o r e v e r  in that store. I can't really explain this shopping procrastination. Ed cannot decide, cannot forgo the opportunity to chat with clerks, cannot just fill the cart and move on!

And, too, we both get sidetracked. This is the time when Farm and Fleet announces the imminent arrival of baby chicks for you to buy and care for. Should we add one or two more to our awesome threesome? Why are we even considering this additional burden? Just this morning we spent many minutes frantically looking for Peach who had disappeared for several hours. We finally found her in the barn, stuck behind several hay bales. Who needs the worry??

Finally, in the late afternoon, we're out of the store and out on the Ice Age trails. Just a short hike, but lovely nonetheless.

farmette life-9.jpg

And in the evening, the young family is with us for dinner. We're feeling celebratory for at least two reasons: this was the week of some good work news for the young couple and too, Snowdrop got a pair of new pink shoes!

farmette life-16.jpg

We celebrate both. At the new kitchen table, which is long and lovely.

farmette life-24.jpg

Cake for dessert!

farmette life-32.jpg

Tomorrow they say we'll have snow. I guess I should be relieved!