Saturday, November 19, 2016


First words out of my mouth today have to be these: it's damn cold outside! Not even darn cold. Damn cold! The huge temperature drop, the fierce wind -- all of it conspired to be, well, November-ish.

I have enough to do indoors that I should not mind, but in fact I do mind, because there are suddenly outdoor chores piling up as well. The wind caused the lotus tree to drop those foot long seedpods en masse and so the flower beds are once again peppered with them. They should be cleared out. And there are fallen branches. And leaves -- we don't really rake, but jeez, some of those dry leaf piles are getting mighty large! We should move things around  some.

And yet, after breakfast...

farmette life-2.jpg

... we do none of that. We settle down to computer work. Not even kind and gentle computer reading, but yukky "I've put this off for too long" kind of work. I do go outside for a little bit...

farmette life-3.jpg

... but my hands freeze quickly and I retreat to the kitchen table for the rest of the afternoon.

The only excursion for us is a trip to Walmart and that just seals the fate of this day because you should never, if you can avoid it, go to Walmart on Saturday afternoon. The whole world is there, and the shopping carts are full, and fixing tires takes too long, and the shoes Ed wanted to get for himself dont have a tag so just skip it, let's stick with the bubbly water and chocolate bars which you cant get anywhere else and run!

Ah, but there is pleasure tonight, because Snowdrop is here for an overnight and of course, she is the one that makes you forget about the banal and mundane because nothing about her is banal and mundane.


farmette life-8.jpg


farmette life-10.jpg

(The pizza peel as a bongo drum)

farmette life-15.jpg

(I can't believe she ate the whole thing...)

farmette life-22.jpg

Her bed time approaches. She asks for the "Eiffel Tower book"-- the one I put together about her trip to Paris last spring -- and we read it... more than once.

Sleep well, bonne nuit, little one! Tomorrow will be as full and beautiful as can be!