Monday, November 19, 2012


It was almost as if there was a theme for this day -- a gifted theme. Here's one example -- that the sun stayed out long enough for us to have our breakfast in its warmth. That's a real present.

DSC06300 - Version 2

Another unusual offering: a doctor's appointment where the doctor stayed on schedule. So that afterwards, I had time to spare and as a result, I could sidestep into Madison's most secret natural outdoor space -- Owen Woods.

DSC06301 - Version 2

For not much more than a glance, but a highly satisfying glance. November's earthy tones!

And there was time, too, to pick up wines for the Thanksgiving meal. A gift from my mother.

And wait, not done yet -- the gift of a visit with my friend, who is passing through Madison on her way north.

DSC06307 - Version 2

You noticed the cast on her arm, right? Two of my good friends cracked bones this last week. Am I third in line?

Still going strong: Ed and I want to deliver a bag of goodies to a friend who is long overdue for such a gift. After dinner, I tell him.  That in itself is a gift (from Ed): we're scheduled to have a dinner out. Well, this one's expected. He is craving mussels and fries and at Jac's they're on sale on Mondays (and wines are half price… I mean -- win win).

DSC06318 - Version 2

And by chance, we run into my friend (and her husband) there -- the one for whom we're toting a gift! One other way to describe her -- my yoga buddy. And here's yet a third way  -- she's the one who broke her ankle last week.

DSC06315 - Version 2

I'm home now. I have only a few minutes. So many classes to teach tomorrow, so many meal notes to prepare afterwards, for the Thanksgiving that's before us. So many gifts, all in one week.