Monday, October 19, 2009

NYC – what is it about you...

You know the true sign of getting past the middle part of middle age? When you start taking out the bag to pack for a trip days in advance of that trip. Just to avoid the anxiety of figuring out at the last minute what combo of uninteresting pieces can pass as not frumpy.

So, my backpack for tomorrow’s trip is packed and ready. Which is good, as I have to leave by 4 in the morning.

To be in Manhattan again. I can’t tell you how many flirtations I have had with that city (in the way that you sometimes flirt with people who are not necessarily all that good for you)! I lived there, dreamed about it after, cried my way walking up and down streets and avenues, loved it once, hated it more than once – God, what a place.

Realistically, it’s a very brief trip. 24 hours, intensely focused on the law.

I’ll try to find a moment to tell you about it.

Oh, oh, you think I’m neglecting Ocean with my photos of the day? You are so wrong. It was a beautiful day! I biked to work in a dreamy state, forgetting for the duration of the ride all that I have on my plate right now. It was all about October trees against blue skies and blue waters and ducks waddling and shaking and generally having a fantastic time in the water.