Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wednesday in Chicago

There are several key points to this day. First of all, it's rather cold. Well who cares! The sun is out. Only the timid shall stay indoors.

(On my walk along the 606  -- an elevated bike path/pedestrian passage that crisscrosses the neighborhood where I'm staying -- offering views to the streets below.)


Secondly, the babe appears to be ready for action!


Just a minute there! First, mommy and I need a good breakfast! if you can remember  anything about your grandma, it's that she enjoys a good breakfast.


Thirdly, today is the day that I have a celebratory birthday lunch with my daughter. Oh, and my granddaughter!


What a lunch! A three course meal at the French Le Bouchon. To make up for the trip to France I gave up because of Primrose.


If it's a birthday, there will be a photo of the 65 year old.


Wait, let's do this better: grandma, daughter, granddaughter.


It has been rumored that I spend lots of time playing with Primrose, cutting back too much on her much needed rest. I offer proof that she does sleep under my watchful eye! Or is it that she is practicing a yoga pose?


You may wonder why after leaving Primrose's home, I don't make use of my time in Chicago to explore. Walk the city streets, take photos of Chicago scenes.

Not this time. This trip is for Primrose.

And when the sun sets, I like to look out my Robey window, appreciate the world there before me, then retreat and think about the day I've just had.