Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I write this as the air conditioning is pumping ungodly amounts of cold air into the condo and my head is spinning with all that I need to do in the next two days.

And there’s another spinning item in the condo – Ed’s toy helicopter.


I’m not quite sure why he has it, or why it is at the condo right now. You could posit that he is trying to cheer me up (daughters left early this morning), but this would not be accurate. My guess would be that he is attempting to learn something from it (Ed does not acquire toys for play reasons), but it’s only a guess. He wont say.

In the meantime, I sit here with frightening certainty that I will not be able to finish all that I need to finish before I take off on Friday.

And don’t hold your breath on this forthcoming trip: it’s not a fun and games thing. It entails more work.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One other peculiarity of this evening is that my daughters bought a bag of cheese puffs sometime in the course of the week-end. Here again, I don’t know why. They are, typically, such fans of Red Hot blues. So add to the vignette of a flying toy helicopter this bag of cheese puffs. And yes, I know that there was an article in the NYTimes today on the death of the cheese puffs inventor.

Weird coincidence.