Tuesday, February 20, 2007


When you embark on the road to hatching great plans, you get easily distracted. At every indentation, every momentary pause, you revert back to hatching plans. They may not be great in the scheme of things, but there is no denying, they are substantial plans.

And so you study the possibilities, you get back on the Net, or to the drawing board, or both and you forget about the world.

Were you to remember the world, you would have remembered to take the camera and take a photo of the warmth outside. So warm that I biked to work and did not suffer. Amazing.

You especially want to remember this warm-ish week because by week’s end, it will all be over and winter will return again.

So remember. Today, it was a warm thirties plus. And I biked. Got that?

Otherwise, nothing else counts. I hatch plans and give a little boost to others who are hatching their own.