Sunday, December 05, 2010

Wisconsin winter days

A day of wonders and exclamation marks. Perhaps I’m the only one that can appreciate them, but still, I have to note here that I am impressed. With the entrepreneurial spirit and with the weather.

The first: Apple. The computer. After several days of Genius sessions and attempted fixes, Apple reps call me and ask if it’s okay for them to simply replace my computer with a new one, of an upgraded type (all data neatly migrated to the new one so I would not be bothered with teaching the freshly minted one how to walk and talk). Showing no loyalty whatsoever to what is, after all, a mere old box, I said “yes, yes, YES! and Thank you....”

As a dedicated laptop user (I’d say that in our indoor nonwork time, we have a machine suspended on our bellies pretty routinely), I am impressed by the loveliness and smoothness of processes on new machines. Ed, of course, is more focused on keeping his old and cheap running for as long as possible. Fine, but the fact is that newer is better in technology. And today, I get lucky – I get newer. [p.s. with all new glitches!]

In other news, I put down my work shortly after noon. When the sun comes out after a snowstorm (this is a frequent occurrence in Wisconsin), the world glistens. Even if it’s disturbingly cold outside.

Snow. I suggest to Ed that we take our skis out (for the first time). Neither of us has much time to spare, but we’re willing and enthusiastic and so we set out to do a short run around the perimeter of the Arboretum.



It’s unfortunate that shortly into the ski venture we get lost. And then again, and again. A wrong turn can be costly when, after an hour or two, the sun sinks low...


...and lower...


...until there is very little left.


It’s now that you hear the birds. But you have to stop to hear and see them. I’m waiting for Ed (in skiing I am perhaps three times faster on the trails – it is the only place where he appears to exude caution) and I look around me. One, two, five, eight robins congregate. They hardly twitter. A rustle, another, silence.


Lovely. It is all so very lovely. I’m leaving Wisconsin the day after tomorrow, to head back to the part of the world that was my home for most of my formative years, and I am exceptionally excited about this, but I know returning, too, will be a good thing. It’s just so darn lovely here!