Monday, January 12, 2015

quiet time

You can sense it at the farmette: the period of settling in. Winter is solidly in place. The days start late, the air is clean, crisp, the snow is covering all that we like to have covered now. Deer tracks criss cross the flower beds, the cheepers stay close to their roost.

little S-8.jpg

We used to eat breakfast in the sun room on days like this, but this year, we've closed the door and kept the chill of that room away from the rest of the house. The sun still reaches us through the glass panes of the door...

little S-2.jpg

...but our morning meal tends to be in the kitchen.

little S-5.jpg

Over at my daughter's place, little Snowdrop is beginning her second week of life. She, too, is developing recognizable habits and preferences. Some, like this one...

little S-1.jpg

...make life easy for the parents.

Others -- well, they make life interesting, in the way that babies always make life interesting.

Virgil, the cat, watches...

little S-9.jpg

Little Snowdrop stretches...

little S-2-2.jpg

...then looks around (a bit apprehensively)...

little S-12-2.jpg

...then naps some more.

little S-1-2.jpg

There are times when she is much less serene. But today she showed off her rhythms and habits  and at least some of them fit right into this time of winter quiet.