Tuesday, February 09, 2016

decisive Tuesday

Sometimes I wake up very early and check in with my computer before deciding if I should go back to sleep.

I did this today and then I could not sleep anymore and indeed, I spent the rest of the short pre-Snowdrop morning making rapid fire decisions. Most people do not think it's wise to make rapid fire decisions on important points and indeed, some have said you should never make any decisions at all in February, because you just don't think straight in a month where your breath freezes as you exhale. But I have often decided on the spot -- whether to immigrate, whom to live with, where to live -- my gut has had a terrific workout and it is used to me giving it instructions to act fast.

Perhaps you remember that I was in Warsaw in January in search of an apartment. I found one, then didn't find one, then found one that wasn't ready for me. Nothing worked out in the end and though I had a nice visit and learned a lot, I returned without a place to call home.

Well, this morning my sister sent me a link to a new place and I woke up just as her email came in and so within two hours she was inspecting it and on Snowdrop time, I chatted to her about it and by noon I authorized her to make an offer on the place.

Most would at least like to see the apartment they're about to purchase, but the thought of spending a lot of money to fly out for a few hours in Warsaw this weekend was just not sitting right with me. Besides, I know what the apartment has and what it's missing and I like it tremendously anyway and it's a good price, in a fantastic location. I only see the positives in life. The negatives may reveal themselves eventually, but by then, I'll have moved on to the next set of positives.

Just to make this day even more exciting, my camera, in which I've had to forcefully pull on the lens to make it work, breathed its last breath and so you will have only four photos today (after that it collapsed and I was pretty close to following suit).

First photo: sunrise on this bitter, bitter cold morning (as I went out to free the cheepers)...

farmette life-1.jpg

Second: breakfast, with a guy who never does anything quickly, without thoughtful contemplation (except decide to hang out with me in life)...

farmette life-3.jpg

And finally, two photos of Snowdrop. Both could be called a study of the cat and the girl:

farmette life-5.jpg

farmette life-13.jpg

Back at the farmhouse, I make a pizza for dinner. As I'm flipping the crust into the air (sort of), I hear on the evening news that this day is officially pizza day in this country. Prophetic on my part, don't you think? No photo. Darn camera.