Monday, February 04, 2008

what I’m up against, cont’d

Think flowers. Think orchids, blooming for weeks on end. Think April buds (soon!) and daffodils that bloom early. Think how grateful a Washingtonian (the state) would be if a month had just three sunny days in it. Think Valentine’s pink and tomato soup red. With basil. That’s regional seasonal! Basil can be grown indoors!

Just don’t look outside. Don’t go to the twelfth floor of your condo building and admire the view that you don’t have on your lower floor. On a day like today, stay on your own floor. For once, it's not better up there.

001 copy

Alternatives for this day:

Snuggle with your puppy, your sweetie, or your guitar. Or, toss away your guitar and get cozy with the president of France if you’re her:

004 copy

Yes, that's my new orchid plant. I proclaim February to be national (or at least regional) orchid day. With Carla humming in the background.