Tuesday, November 19, 2013


A brutal Tuesday. With the added drag of a meeting after teaching. I'm not home until after 8 which, honestly, seems way past my bedtime.

But it is a beautiful day out there. Or so it seems. Me, I am sequestered. Right after breakfast (ah, the sun...)

DSC01864 - Version 2

DSC01865 - Version 2

...I turn my back on the outside world.

Or I try to. An impending retirement is a huge distraction!

But, too, I intensify my lecture preparation. Whereas at the beginning of the semester I would average 15 pages of notes and questions for a two hour class, today I hit a record 28. It's like squeezing additional clothing into an already overstuffed suitcase. Everything, I need to bring everything!

In the evening, the moon climbs up from behind layers of misty cloud. I pull over to the side of the country road and watch this large ball of light dominate the fields to the east of us.


It's not a full moon. We're two days past that. But I'm not fussy: bright days and moonlit lights are a gift in late November. I'll take them any way they come. With a nod of thanks and a wish for a repeat performance tomorrow.