Sunday, December 03, 2006


I am not even going to try to put a label to this day. Work. Much of it against the backdrop of a splendidly cold day.

Until finally, as the sun almost put an end to any warmth, I set out to see what it was like out there in the great outdoors.

Madison’s lakes are starting to freeze over. How long does it take? A day? A week?

december 06 061

In the last rays, I am enthralled with the colors. Or, maybe with seeing myself shadowed against them. Nina-long-legs. Lean and tall. Towering. On a field covered with snow.

december 06 070

Over the river (brook, actually) and through the woods and … a pond, this one frozen, it appears. Imagine skating here, as a kid, or as a young adult.

december 06 084

Maybe it’s not totally frozen. Maybe it would not be so very romantic and cool to fall through it and suffer the cold? (Aren’t there great movies that follow this sequence of events?)

december 06 089

The sun sets, I return home. By way of fields where Rudolph and his pals do their thing.

december 06 098