Sunday, February 09, 2014


He said to me -- you really should not ski. 
I wont fall.
You could.
I wont. I'll be extra careful on the hills.
Sometimes you fall just standing up.

He's right on that one. I don't fall when I'm careful. But I have fallen by goofing around while standing and waiting.

But we are both insanely stubborn and I want to go outside.

It had been a beautiful morning: misty icy cold, with that faintly blue February sky. You can't see that cornflower blue here, but you will, later on.

farmette winter-4.jpg

I felt compelled (yes, compelled!) to sweep the roof. Ed had done it upon our return, so we are still keeping it pristine and clear.

But that's not enough of the outdoors for me.

After breakfast (he asked for one of those copious ones he'd been eating in Turkey and Greece)...

farmette winter-9.jpg

...I settle in to write (with two pillows for support: waiting for my special tail bone fracture cushion to arrive!), but with an eye to the outside. Ooops! Here comes an email weather alert: windchill warnings. Biting cold. But it doesn't look biting cold!

Out we go -- to our favorite park around the corner. (There's that faint blue!)

farmette winter-15.jpg

And I am careful and I do not fall and I take small steps, because big sweeps make my tail bone cringe and apart from the occasional gust of that godawful wind, it really is quite beautiful out there.

farmette winter-22.jpg

So, to the winter games in all of us! Yeah -- to snow and ice and all such February delights!

farmette winter-23.jpg

After  our ski run, we make a quick stop at the library because -- what luxury! -- I can finally take out books that I expect to read. And talk about an ultimate luxury!  We go back home and I take a long hot shower and I think to myself --  this is as blissful as it gets: a hot shower with your favorite bath product after skiing on a bitter cold day. Tell me what possibly could top that!

Crispy sharp skies outside, another cold blast tomorrow... No matter. It's winter's last big punch.  Consider it an opportunity for a hot shower at the end of the day. Bliss, real bliss I tell you.