Friday, November 23, 2007

from D.C.: the day after

I heard stores opened at 4 (that would be ante meridiem) today. Impressive.

Myself, I preferred to stay indoors, listening to the hum of morning traffic as one daughter prepared to go to work and the other – moved about this way and that.

Feeling insanely stuffed, I did the rare thing – I passed on breakfast, coffee, the whole thing. The couch seemed like a fine alternative. Listening, enjoying the buzz that was/is outside my own head.

By noon, we set out in search of food. Tryst was perfect for the afternoon after. Packed, with a humming crowd. Of diners, lovers, Net surfers, you name it.

003 copy

Feeling deprived (of breakfast, not food), I ordered this:

012 copy

Why do I mention it? Because it was a guiltless pleasure. There, in a room of people who seemed hugely comfortable with... life. That called for a large waffle, don't you think?

I took a long walk afterwards. Everyone at home was working, but I chose not to. Down 15th, 16th, 17th, Conn, Mass, P, O, N, finally onto M and across the bridge, where I became like so many others – a shopper, briefly, just like those around me, pulling out the old plastic card and walking away with a paper bag.

020 copy

We all think we are such nonconformists.