Sunday, February 03, 2008

playing the game

I may as well bring out the apple pie. Today, I am one of you.

True, not many all-Americans choose to start a Sunday with three rounds of bowling, but, suffice it to say that when Ed said this morning “we should bowl,” I acquiesced. At Union South – the student hangout.

002 copy

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It’s a little downscale as compared to the suburban alleys from last week. The scoring board makes mistakes. The balls are chipped. But hey! It’s cheap. And I can work on my score. So that I don’t get LOL in my comments when I report my final count. (59 last week, 81 this week. That’s good, isn’t it? Isn’t it??)

It does not take long to feel weariness in the hand and body. I know it’s time to move on.

I suggest we head for the giant expo (at the Alliant Energy Center) of orchids. I used to grow these back in the days when I had fantasies about being a serious gardener. But mine never looked this complicated.

018 copy

010 copy

028 copy

Yes, yes, I do indeed purchase an orchid. It is a statement of hope. I can grow these again. I can. Just you wait.

At the other end of the hall of the Alliant Energy Center, there is an RV expo. Flowers for the ladies, RVs for the guys. Predictably, Ed tugs on my sleeve and pulls me over to the big vans. I refuse to take photos. These machines are huge and sort of creepy looking. But I do like the little ones alright and Ed is clearly enthused by the mechanics involved.

I ask him – so, supposing we loaded up one of these guys onto your (very old) (very very old) pick-up. Where would we go? What would we do?

Well, you can park overnight at any Walmart parking lot in the country… or you can go to an RV park, charge up and head for the mountains and leave the RV and hike up for a few days of camping.

Now which part of that was supposed to excite me?

Still, I can see this is a tad more adventurous for him than, say, southern France and so I do not close the door on the possibility. It’s good in life not to close doors.

Similarly, I do not object when Ed suggests that we stop by Dane Brewery for a beer and a peek at the kick off. A shocking idea, given that we both hugely dislike football. And what do I say?

Sure! A nice pilsner and a plate of fries with gobs of ketchup! Why not?

035 copy

It’s like reading a different blog here, on Ocean, isn’t it? You have to stay open-minded to get the full bang out of a Sunday in February.