Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Let's start with the pleasant surprise: the much heralded overnight storms produced rain, but no great winds or thunder. Everyone more or less slept through the night and as an added benefit, Isie had no interest in going outdoors at some ungodly hour, giving us more time to wake up slowly. (Ed freed the cheepers. Surely it was his turn.)

And it is not yet so cold as to keep us indoors for breakfast. A very nice meal, even if the view is of a wet garden.



And then I plunge back into the pit of paper work surrounding various account changes and book- keeping manipulations. For one fleeting second I'm feeling sorry for rich people. Poor guys, they must have to do this all the time (as opposed to once every quarter century)! How terribly dull!

Nonetheless, my clever ideas and manipulations turned out to be all wrong and not feasible, proving once again that I am not cut out for managing accounts, no matter how puny they may be. In other words, I wasted a lot of time and accomplished nothing.

That's okay, it's nice to occasionally make forays into unknown worlds, just so you can settle back into your routines with that contentment that comes from realizing that the life you live is the right one for you after all.

If I am sounding unusually opaque, it's because I really think I did a lot of boring tasks today and they sound far better if there is a touch of mystery left to them.


In the evening, my daughter and her husband came for supper, to make up for a lost Sunday meal. It was just the three of us, as Ed is still biking on Wednesdays, but it was really nice to be sitting inside for a change and eating spinach gnocchi and talking about their own soon to be changing life.


Still later, the wind really picked up and the temperatures plunged into a polar vortex range. Since we are still technically within the summer season, we did not have snow and ice out there, but we are going to be henceforth at least 15 degrees below normal. I think I'm okay with that. Cold weather doesn't scare me. But it is rather disconcerting to see how quickly everything can change. That includes the weather.