Wednesday, August 30, 2017

last bits of summer, continued

Summer is leaving lovely imprints and memories for us here, at the farmette.  These last days of August are warm but not hot, sunny but not sweltering, buggy but not painfully so.

I did some garden trimming yesterday -- taking down spent monardas and phloxes -- just to create a textured fall garden. The challenge now will be to make something of the entirety, even as I have only pockets of blooms to help move everything forward. And honestly, I like this phase of gardening. It's far less demanding and much more forgiving. Every bit that you can give will pay you back in fistfuls.

farmette life-6.jpg


farmette life-8.jpg

And a spot look at several favorite corners of the yard, including this one, with late blooming day lilies!

farmette life-10.jpg

And this one, where the lavender has taken on a second life...

farmette life-12.jpg

I have a dental visit in the late morning. I work hard at scheduling things in ways that one thing doesn't inconvenience the next, but I miscalculated today's set and so I find myself with a big chunk of time before I am to pick up Snowdrop.

And so I go for a walk in the nearby Owens Conservation Park.

I used to live just a few blocks away from this place and I've always loved it for it's short but lovely trails. But oh, how it has changed in recent times! Infinitely gorgeous now, on this tail end of summer.

farmette life-20.jpg

The restored prairie is beyond lovely.

farmette life-30.jpg

The flowers of gold lay a carpet around a small pond. So beautiful!

farmette life-36.jpg

A deep sigh of peace...

And now I am with Snowdrop. She's sporting a sweet pony tail today!

farmette life-42.jpg

I tell her it's pool time for us! And here's a surprise: Ed will be joining us today! That makes for one happy girl.

farmette life-65.jpg

Ed is a fish. I mean, when you see him in water, you know that he is as comfortable moving about in its depths as he is taking a leisurely stroll up a country road. Snowdrop feels this immediately and they go on some wonderful "swimming" expeditions together.

farmette life-71.jpg

Oh, happy girl!

farmette life-75.jpg

Maybe you're a bit of a fish too?

farmette life-80.jpg

Last bits of summer... last days of pool laughter...

farmette life-85.jpg

How good it is to have a day like this one! The end of summer, with a splash.