Thursday, May 27, 2010

Class Day, Harvard Law School

The day is searing hot. I may be the only one in Boston delighted with the steam bath, but truly, I don’t mind.

We begin the day with a breakfast across the river, in Boston. It’s pleasant and breezy in the shade and so we sit outside. I tell my clan that from now until September, I’ll eat every breakfast outside (when possible). There is no better way to greet the world, no better way to begin a summer day.

My mother, being a Berkeleyan for more than a decade now (where she tells us it never gets hot or cold), is wilting a little and so we put her in a cab for the hotel. The four of us set out for a last sentimental stroll through Boston.






In the afternoon, all of us gather at my daughter’s apartment (another last time? I had so many happy visits here!), drink a toast to her future, their future really – both my girls, because, of course, it is their cohort that will set the terms and give us a different world.

And now the graduation celebrations begin.

Class Day. We sit under the tall trees outside the Langdell Hall of Harvard law School. It’s a time of speeches...

Samantha Power from the National Security Council, class speaker

...of many proud parents taking many pictures...

one of many

...of glimpses of our sons and daughters, the graduates...

my little one

...of sweet treats...


...of iced tea to cool off...


...and bouquets of flowers...


...of parents and their children.


On Thursday, she gets her diploma. On this day she is still a student. One last day of having a kid in school. One last day.