Thursday, February 06, 2014


In a remarkable twist of good fortune and due to the lesser fortune of others, we flew in yesterday in a blaze of early glory. How so? Well, the weather in half the country was awful, though not so anymore in the Midwest. But air traffic was still variously disrupted and add to that the usual plethora of mechanical issues in planes and you have yourself overbooked flights and lines of passengers waiting to get home. We found this mess in Detroit: people who had been bumped from earlier flights wanted ours that was scheduled to eventually leave for Chicago. I proposed that the agent take us off that flight (thereby creating room for others) and put us on one straight to Madison and she did! No three hour bus ride from Chicago, just a lovely daughter waiting at the Madison airport to drive us straight home!

Home. Where three deer loped through our yard as we pulled in and the sun set in a winter orange glow to the west.

farmette winter-1.jpg

The first full day at home after a longer trip is heavenly -- your own breakfast (with no cucumbers!)  is especially delicious, your shower perfectly set, your flowers welcoming in their extended just for you bloom period!

farmette winter-3.jpg

farmette winter-4.jpg

The day is also a bit chore heavy. All that stuff in the mailbox. The unpacking. The put off responses to emails that seemed not too pressing in Turkey, but now seem desperately in need of attention. So there's that.

farmette winter-8.jpg

Too, we shopped. And Ed received his next set of shots, all eleven of them. And now we are home and this is the last piece of it -- you can't stay awake for anything beyond some baby hour in the night. So, an early goodnight!