Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Everything froze today. You know those big pond puddles? Frozen. Melted paths and driveways? Frozen. Well, it's to be expected. We can only hope that it's the last of the big freezes for the year.

But honestly -- I'm relieved that we're done with yesterday's cold wetness. We have a touch of sunshine now. That's worth a million in my book.


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And afterwards, I write. I'm on an Olympian roll: now or never. Finish, finish already! Move on, be done!

It is not an unpleasant way to spend a morning.

When I pick up Snowdrop, I just have to laugh! She is ready alright! Snow pants on, ballet shoes on!

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I have ballet today! -- she announces to anyone who'll listen.

We go home to the farmhouse first. A few books, a snack, a few minutes of play. Ballet shoes stay on.

It's time to get ready, Snowdrop.
I can put on my tutu!

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She gets over excited.

Her shorter hair needs to be pinned back. Now she is patient. Ed is fascinated by the whole process.

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We're off. She relaxes. We arrive at class. She is shyer now, but not retreating. There is a constant wisp of a smile on her face.

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She is completely attentive.

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The story to be "danced" today is Snow White. They listen to the tale first and I wonder if they get a sanitized version of it. Snowdrop appears unconcerned and so I have to think the witch, in the dance teacher's reading of it, hasn't her nasty, villainous laugh.

The girls don their costumes for today's story. Here's Snowdrop, aka Snow White.

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I'm thinking -- if she never wants to touch an apple again, we'll know why!

I drive home then. It may be icy, but it is still fairly light outside. We are inching toward the best seasons -- spring! (Pretend I didn't say that... I like them all!)